Wound Care Canada is the flagship magazine of the Canadian Association of Wound Care. Published quarterly, it is Canada’s only publication devoted entirely to wound care, and remains the best source for health professionals seeking credible information regarding wound management and prevention in clinical practice.

Wound Care Canada focuses on all aspects of acute and chronic wound care, from prevention to cure. It is designed to take the latest evidence-based information and summarize it in a reader-friendly format. Because our readers range from wound care novices to experts to generalist health-care providers, the magazine provides a variety of topics and types of articles to appeal to a wide spectrum of interests. Articles must always answer the question “how can I use this information in my practice?”

  • Clinical Practice Articles provide information that is relevant to clinical practice in wound care.
  • Program Perspectives cover new programs or services, ideas, insights or practical approaches to wound care.
  • Patient’s Perspectives are written from a patient’s point of view with respect to their wound care experience.
  • Research Reviews provide short reports on relevant literature published in other clinical wound care journals.

Breaking News

Wound Care Canada goes green! We have eliminated our print run and have begun publishing exclusively online.

We encourage both Canadian Association of Wound Care members and non-members alike to enjoy our new digital online version, which can be accessed at this website or through the association’s website. The entire digital version of each issue, or sections within, can be emailed to colleagues or to any other portable device for future reference.

If you’d like to receive email notification each time a new issue is published, just email .